Hoopla helps us boost performance, and creates a cohesive culture. Our salespeople are very competitive and sports-oriented, so they love the 'ESPN' feel of the Hoopla leaderboards.

Tony Small, VP & General Manager

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Voices.com's average deal size has increased 42%. Until Hoopla, we had never seen people clapping and high-fiving when a deal closed. We've made selling fun & exciting.

Ben Jackson, Vice President, Sales

Dynamic content, visible data

Broadcast custom channels of metrics, goals, challenges & news, combined with videos, photos, websites, countdown clocks and more.


Live updates


Update metrics, leaderboards, and goals directly from your key data sources. Use API or pre-built integrations with Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets, and Zapier (with 500+ more integrations).

Celebrate, recognize, and alert your team the moment something happens. Announce a new win automatically with a virtual sales gong complete with custom walk up song and video.

Instant newsflashes


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