Create a High-Performance Culture!


Dynamic, engaging content

Broadcast custom channels of metrics, goals, challenges & news, combined with videos, photos, websites, countdown clocks and more. 

Live updates


Update metrics, leaderboards, and goals directly from your key data sources. Integrations include Salesforce, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Slack, and 500+ apps through Zapier.

Instant newsflashes


Celebrate, recognize, and alert your team the moment something happens. Announce a new deal automatically with a virtual sales gong complete with custom walk up song and video.

Friendly competition & recognition

Hoopla delivers the most important information instantly through an exciting professional quality broadcasting platform.

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Hoopla helps us boost performance, and creates a cohesive culture. Our salespeople are very competitive and sports-oriented, so they love the 'ESPN' feel of the Hoopla leaderboards.

Tony Small, VP & General Manager at

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Motivate and engage all of your employees in every department with a live broadcast of what matters most.

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